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Max Poglia

Native to southern Brazil and raised with Italian heritage, New York-based designer Max Poglia has a unique perspective from which he draws inspiration.  He's the founder of Poglia, a brand known for “ruggedly handsome” products that embody old-world traditions.  Poglia has launched collaborations with The Explorers Club MadeWorn and Old Joe Japan, and received praise from various publications internationally, notably the NYTimes Style Magazine, Harper's Bazaar and Conde Nast Traveler. Today, Poglia operates from The Space NYC in Brooklyn.

"{Poglia is} a throwback to simpler days for the modern man."
                                    - New York Times Style Magazine

Alessandro Squarzi

Like all good success stories, Alessandro Squarzi began at the bottom.  Born to a humble working-class family in Forli in 1965, Squarzi has since emerged as a modern style icon and regular fixture in fashion media & press. He’s had his hands in fashion since 1992, the year he both began his career as a clothing shop assistant and opened the first of his four showrooms.  He now oversees marketing and distribution for various brands including a few of his own, like Fortela and AS65.

"A regular fixture in Mr. Porter... Squarzi is nothing short of a modern style icon."                                          
- Mr. Porter


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Helio Ascari

New York City based craftsman Helio Ascari and his wife Maria Thereza founded Ascari Bicycles in 2011.  Ascari offers classically designed, hand-built (in Brooklyn) bicycles, fusing a sense of timelessness with an equally timeless appreciation for the hand-built bicycle.  Ascari grew up working in the wood and steel factories of southern Brazil. Although he later found success as an international model, his passion always lay in the design and manufacturing process... 

"{Ascari is} an extraordinary balance between form and function, nodding to the past with its design yet charging into a future of sustainable transportation."
 Ralph Lauren Magazine